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A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a gathering in which they were discussing one of our Be That topics.


I was once again reminded of the power of facilitating a space for people to look a little below the surface level to uncover areas that can so often hold us back in life.


It seemed like a simple question to open up the discussion for this particular topic, but like I have seen so many times before in environments like this, I was not prepared for the impact in which these questions can bring. Ill also take this moment to thank our amazing team of expert and content writers, who's credibility gives me the confidence to have others start these conversations.


It was a smaller, intimate group, which I always finds makes it easier to connect and makes those who are really stepping outside of their comfort zones to feel safe, vulnerable and feel like they are heard.


It was the opening question and for those that have not seen our content each topic holds around 7 or 8 questions to open up conversations.


Q.1 What does confidence mean to you? There was silence momentarily as this womans eyes filled with tears. She began to share her battle with confidence and the effect and toll it had taken in her life. It was heartbreaking to hear how this issue had held her back from so many experiences, including joyful moments with her family. However, the mere fact that she had put herself in this situation, it was so clear to me that she had reached a place where she is ready to fight back and in my eyes there is nothing more pure or brave than someone desiring more for themselves and making the steps forward that can bring real change.


Like so many of us the catalyst for her reaching this place had been her children, who she desires will not have to face the same battles as her. She wasn't alone that morning, one after another I witnessed the insecurties and depth of where lack of self worth has creeped in over many years, with the lies that fill there minds on who they are and  how words spoken over stopped them in their tracks. This morning has only furthered my passion in believing that there is a need and a space for all that Be That is creating. I will continue to believe that one life who has started journeying a new path to her confidence is worth all the effort that has been required thus far. It has given me another push to keep fighting for the freedom for those who are held back in areas of their everyday lives and to see people truly 'Be That' person they were created to be. 


Till next time....Katie xx





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