Playing it Safe, Playing to Win or Playing for the Challenge?

Host Audio - Katie Thompson
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Guest Audio - Katie Thompson
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Playing it safe, playing to win or playing for the challenge.


The aim of this topic is to inspire women to be brave when it comes to stepping out of their comfort zone. To think about their stance when it comes to trying things even when there’s no guarantee of success, and to encourage the growth and development of character that comes from facing challenges with intentionality and courage.


Playing it safe - Introducing the idea of this not always being the healthiest attitude and what tends to keep us in this space.

A comfort zone is good and not so good all at the same time! It is described as “a situation where one feels safe or at ease” which is something we all love, but it’s also described as “a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results” OUCH!


Playing to win - Understanding the reality that many of us will only ever try something if we are guaranteed success.

Thomas Edison, when attempting to invent the light bulb went through over 1000 processes before discovering the right elements that were needed for the light. Imagine if he gave up after the first, or if he was reluctant to even start because he didn’t know it would work first time?

It would be interesting to know what inspired him to keep pushing.


Playing for the challenge - Inspiring us to be willing to step out or try things because of what it does to the development of our character.

Challenge is described as, “difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.”

When aspiring to achieve something, don’t be afraid of how you’ll get there. The growth comes from us working it out. It’s not always about the goal or challenge, it’s about who we become while on our way to the goal!

Another element to be aware of is believing that the purpose of the challenge is to accomplish the challenge itself. In actual fact, the purpose of the challenge is not to 'get'. The purpose of the challenge is to grow, to become the person who can do the things needed for the overall challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to stimulate growth, and to set some urgency around that growth.