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Katie Thompson

Founding Director & Executive Producer Be That Tv Show


 I am a Wife, Mother and Freedom Fighter.


I am passionate and desire to not only help bring freedom to the millions of people who are in bondage to the injustices of this world, be it Human Trafficking, Poverty, Mental Health or War torn parts of our world, but to also help people from all walks of life to find freedom in areas that hold us back in life and keep us in bondage in our everyday lives. I believe that we can see that happen with communication and conversation.


When I am not fighting the causes close my heart, you will find me spending time with my husband, 2 gorgeous daughters and son at the beach, sipping coffee at a local cafe or hosting dinners at our house.


I believe that this life is a gift, which has been designed and purposed for us to be able to have the most extraordinary life. Even in our challenges, I trust that if we allow ourselves to believe that our best is yet to come, it opens the doors for Gods provision, favor and increase in our lives.

Francesca Finelli

Content Contributor/Show Panelist

Francesca Finelli is a clinical psychologist who has gained experience working with people across all age groups with a variety of psychological difficulties. She loves to teach people skills to renew their thinking and change the behaviours that hold them back.


Francesca believes in every individual’s inherent capacity to live a fulfilling and purposeful life despite inevitable challenges and is passionate about empowering people to find freedom and flourish in every area. Her greatest aspirations are to help people recognize their worth and to advocate for humanitarian work around the world.

Lize Andrews
Content Contributor/Show Panelist

Dr Lize Andrews is a clinical psychologist and co-director of Eloff & Andrews Clinical Psychology. Over the past 9 years, Lize has worked in numerous mental health settings including a non-for profit organisation supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse, child and youth mental health, and in private practice. She enjoys supporting children, adolescents, adults couples and families from all walks of life. Lize has a particular interest in treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders, and individuals suffering from anxiety disorders. Empowering people to create healthy mindsets and to love their authentic self is her passion.   Outside of work, Lize is a mother and loves spending time with her family. She enjoys the beach, surfing, hiking in nature and music. 

Gemma Roux

Content Contributor/Show Panelist

Gemma has had more than 10 years experience in treating individuals across the life span with a range of psychological difficulties, using evidence-based treatments. As a parent, she has a special interest in postnatal adjustment, anxiety, relationship therapy, enhancing health and wellbeing and assisting women to achieve a sense of purpose at every stage of life. Gemma is passionate about empowering individuals through psychological education and training. She is a published writer and dynamic key-note speaker, and has delivered psycho-educational seminars in community, school and corporate settings, on topics including stress and anxiety, parenting, relationship health, wellbeing, along with identity and purpose.

Karra Eloff
Content Contributor/Show Panelist

Karra is passionate about communication and health. She is the managing director of the mental health company, Eloff & Andrews Clinical Psychology. Karra is dedicated to creating genuine conversations about difficult life events. She’s also the founder of The Chronic Pain Couple, an initiative encouraging long-lasting and fulfilling relationships despite chronic illness and pain.

Abe Andrews
Be That Man Content Contributor/Show Panelist
Bio Coming Soon