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Wednesday 26th of August


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Janelle James - HOST

I have such a passion for mum's and women to find, create and evolve their own identity & passions. 


As women we seem to loose ourselves in wanting to look after everyone else first even when we know that the ripple effect of looking after US first, is what creates that true overall wellbeing & happiness of everyone around us! 


I truly love and am so grateful for BeThat Woman and what it brings to help us as women to believe in ourselves again and do something that helps us grow and expand our comfort zone, to make us a stronger, better, more connected women to our families and community.


There’s something truly special about being surrounded by a tribe of individuals who all align and welcome each other into a safe place to step into our highest self.

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"Our Chief Want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be"

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be That Woman gathering are all about ​facilitating environments that encourage connection and conversation with an emphasis on how we can collectively make a difference in the world.


We believe that every woman longs to be the best version of herself and has the potential to carry great influence.

As a Woman you can influence the atmosphere for those around you, as a wife, partner, mother, sister, daughter, friend or work colleague. You hold great value and you can make a big difference in your world.

At a Be That Woman event you will learn and glean from each other in a casual and safe space, discussing topics that will grow and stretch your thinking. Our heart is to encourage you to see your value and worth through the lens of truth, because we believe that when you find freedom in this, it cultivates the ability to fight for the freedom of others.




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