In a gentle way, you can rock your world

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Guest Audio - Katie Thompson
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In a gentle way, we can rock our world.


What does it mean to ‘rock your world’? This is really another way of saying that you can make a difference in your world.

It can seem a little daunting right? And like it might be hard work. How do we, girls just doing the best we can, in amongst families and jobs and various commitments make a difference in the world that has lasting effect? Don’t we need to start a foundation or write a book or something?


The short answer; no. You can rock your world through your small daily choices. Approaching life with intentionality can actually have great impact.


Let’s use kindness, compassion and empathy as an example. If we were to focus on these more intentionally for just one day, what impact could be had?

Imagine this…


It's mid afternoon and I have exactly 25 minutes to get my grocery shopping done and be at the school to pick up my kids. It's been a busy one. You know the kind; full schedule with many expectations on you and to top it off, the rest of the world seems to be moving at half pace. I'm frustrated and my composure is fading.

I find a car park, jump out and race towards the supermarket.


There is a man busking outside the supermarket doors- but I barely notice.

I dash past an elderly lady with a walker so I can get through the door before her - don't judge me, remember I'm becoming a little frantic by this stage!

I grab the last punnet of strawberries, just noticing the person beside me reaching for it a split second after me. I avoid making eye contact and keep going. I fill my basket, wishing I'd grabbed a trolley as it's getting so heavy. A supermarket staff member sees me struggling with the basket and heads towards me with an empty trolley to put my heavy basket in. I can barely say thank you I'm so distracted with the last few things on my list.

When I'm pretty confident I have everything I need, I head to the check out where a chirpy lady greets me and asks about my day. 'Fine thank you' I mumble as I check the notifications on my phone.


In the space of 20 or so minutes I came into contact with 5 people - The busker, the person who also wanted strawberries, the lady who brought me a basket and the check out assistant.

You can clearly identify them but I couldn't. I'm too wrapped up in myself and my own agenda to notice any of them. Even though a couple of them actually served me and made my life a little easier in that moment.


Do you think I had any kind of impact on those people? Probably not, and if I did, I'm guessing it wouldn't have been positive.


The busker may have felt slightly disappointed that another person walked past without noticing them.

The person reaching for the strawberries may have been left frustrated that I refused to acknowledge the fact that I'd robbed them of their strawberries!

The lady who brought me the trolley, I wonder if I reinforced her perception of people being ungrateful and selfish.

And similar to the person at the checkout. They serve so many people each day and I made her feel like my servant rather than acknowledging what she was doing for ME.


Do you think it could have looked different with some intentionality on my part?

What if I decided to be more aware of people I come in to contact with and to do what I could to leave a positive impression on them?


Imagine this, the same scenario with intentionality;

I find a car park, and head towards the supermarket with my eyes up and aware of my surroundings "Wow, It's such a beautiful day today, It's nice that I get a moment to feel the sun on my skin between commitments...." All right, I have 25 minutes to get my shopping done and be at the school to pick up the kids. It's been a full, but productive day. Oh look! A man busking outside the supermarket doors - he’s singing an oldie but a goodie "Under the boardwalk". I grab a $2 coin from my purse and drop it in his guitar case and mouth "I love that song" with a smile. He beams back at me, clearly encouraged.


I haven't taken any more time, just a different outlook and some intention.


I pause a moment to let another lady with a walker go before me, she smiles appreciatively.

I grab the last punnet of strawberries, just as the person beside me is reaching for it at the same time - we make eye contact and both smile sheepishly. We're both about to offer it to each other when a staff member wheels their trolley up behind us ready to stock the shelf with more strawberries. Perfect, no-one needs to miss out!

I continue filling my basket, wishing I'd grabbed a trolley as it's getting so heavy. A staff member sees me straining and heads towards me with an empty trolley to put my heavy basket in. I am so thankful and tell them so with a beaming smile.

Now to ensure I have the last few things on my list. When I'm pretty confident I have everything I need, I head to the check out where a chirpy lady greets me and asks about my day. 'It's been full but not too bad thank you" I answer. "And how's yours going?" I ask. She seems a little shocked to be asked but regains composure fairly quickly and goes on to tell me about her day. We chat for a few moments while she packs my bags then I head back to the car.


Pretty different way to go about the same situation hey?


This is how we can rock our world today, through small but intentional acts. Who knows what kind of ripple effect this may have on those people. And these are actually easy things for me to do. I just need to do what I can with what’s in my hand TODAY. And trust that when I do this it does make a difference to my world.


As I start to make small but significant choices in my day it opens doors for even greater impact. As I start to see the impact my small intentional choices can have, I gain more confidence and my mind starts to open up to new ways I can shake my world.


There is one other aspect of ‘world rocking’ that I want to touch on… it’s what I call your divine discontent. This is that thing that affects you, that brings compassion to the surface of your heart. It might be childhood poverty or sickness, human trafficking, teenage suicide, homelessness, domestic violence, the refugee crisis, or maybe it’s a particular country that you have on your heart; one that you know has the potential to be amazing but because of political unrest, war or poverty, its people are suffering.


We all have a divine discontent. Something within us that stirs us to want to take action.

But for many different reasons, the divine discontent stays as a niggle of discontent and goes no further.


Sometimes this is because we don’t know where to start. Or our minds tell us that we need to do something big to actually make a difference. But it’s actually the small but intentional acts that make a difference. And it’s our collective efforts coming together that actually make a difference.


Be That exists to help you take the step from that discontent staying as a niggle, to you becoming one who shakes the world. Not only through your ticket purchase; Our hope is that you would find the freedom to not just identify your divine discontent but discover new ways to rock your world through your unique planting and passions.