Be That Gatherings

Be That is proud to support the amazing work of organisations who fight for the freedom of others. When you purchase a ticket to one of our gatherings we give you the opportunity to share with us which cause you are passionate about supporting.  At the end of each month, Be That will donate 10% of the ticket sales to the chosen organisation.


We believe it’s our collective efforts coming together that makes a real difference, therefore you have the freedom to choose an amount to pay for your ticket based on the value you feel you can contribute.

If there are no gatherings happening near you right now you can still be a part of fighting for the freedom of others.

Why not become a sponsor by purchasing a ticket for a local to attend?

You can nominate who you’d like the ticket to go to or we can gift it to someone for you.

It's our collective efforts coming together that makes a difference in this world.

No events near you?

Become a Be That Ambassador and run your own local gathering!

Becoming a Be That Ambassador is so rewarding, with all the support you'll need from the Be That team.

Join the growing tribe of those who are making a difference in their community.


We believe it’s our collective efforts coming together that make a difference in the world

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