Drop  the juggle

Host Audio - Katie Thompson
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Guest Audio - Katie Thompson
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Do you ever look at people and think “how do they juggle it all so well?” Relationships, motherhood, career, health, personal growth, finances, sleep…. There's so much to fit into life and sometimes it feels like if we give too much attention to one we might drop the ball on another. And it’s terrifying to think that the ball that gets dropped will be a really important one.


Why do some women seem to juggle life effortlessly and some of us finish each day frazzled, not knowing how we’ll get through the week? Could the difference be the heart behind it all? Not the desire but the motivation. We all want to do well at the things we put our hand to but we don’t all desire the same things. The problem lies with us trying to do well at the same things as the women we watch juggling so perfectly.


In her book “I’ll have what she’s having” Bobbie Houston writes; “As women, we need to learn to choose wisely so that all the things we become involved with are in some way connected to the overall purpose for our life”


Knowing what you value and living true to this. Choosing to spend your time on the activities that move you closer to becoming the person you hope to become and saying no to the ones that don’t


Try this; rather than looking at ourselves as jugglers with the pressure of dropping balls, think of a pie… stay with me ;-)  

What's your favourite flavour of pie? Sweet or savoury, you choose the flavour.

The pie is you. The flavour is you at your core. It's your gifts, your values, your passions and your hopes and dreams. Now when we slice up the pie, each piece represents an element of your life - like the balls. But the pieces are not separate to you, your unique flavour is actually all through each slice and it's what makes up each slice, you couldn't have a slice without the flavour. So the core of who you are goes with you into each aspect of your life.


Now I'm not saying that when you were juggling balls this didn’t take place, but when you see these elements of your life as separate, we can fall into the trap of being more focused on the ball and the ways it affects our life, instead of the other way around. The aim is to bring clarity to your true flavour, your gifts and strengths, your values and your hopes and dreams and allow this to influence and flavour every aspect of your life.


When you approach life with this outlook there is a consistency around the things you invest into. The juggle turns into a flow bringing peace of mind and clarity, you’re not battling in your head or heart over the things you’re doing. They complement each other and there is a greater commitment because you’ve decided that what you’re spending time on answers a greater purpose.