Mission & Vision

To lead people to freedom. 

Be That aims to establish an environment, in which has three key elements as its foundation. 


The first is to offer a place of connection between people. To be a link in the chain that brings people together. It is an environment that transcends culture, creed, age, status, prejudice and preference. To combine and connect programs for each generation, which has intentional reach and embrace, with a knowing we all have something unique that can connect us with another human being. 


The second is conversation. Through our gatherings and resource we aim to offer space for others to exchange their thoughts, ideas and heart. To recognise we all have wisdom and stories from our journies that will add value to another persons life and help another. We craft topics that are relevant to its audience on issues that effect our everyday lives. We thoughtfully put together content that have the potential to speak to each individual who is gathering.


The final is contribution. Be That is committed to collectively create an environment that will use what is in their hands for the good of those around them. Be That will continue to innovate and create oppoturnities for every person who is a part of Be That to contribute to our communities and the greater good of humankind. Through our Be That Request, Be That Change and the collaborations which will see us join together all across the world.