There is Room For Us All

Host Audio - Katie Thompson
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This topic is all about creating a conversation that allows freedom to talk about where we fit in the family and how we may feel about it. Family certainly brings out all types of personalities, each with unique perspective and individuality. So, how do we ensure that we craft relationships with each other and embrace our uniqueness and build the best relationships we can?? Seeing our families in a healthy position should be the entire families goal and should be the foundation to set a standard for other relationships that follow(friends, future partners,work colleagues, teachers etc).


In a home environment where we see the best and the worst of each other, creating space to allow deeper conversations to be opened up and flow in communication is very important to ensuring that healthy relationships are developing in the right direction and that no one feels missed or excluded in the process and that our kids know how to have healthy relationships as they develop into adults. I’m sure you’ve all heard at some time in regards to middle children feeling missed, unheard and not included. You can understand how it happens, the eldest child is first born, so experiences with this child is new and an opportunity to find how to navigate parenting. The youngest is the baby and seems to get excessive amounts of attention, especially in the early years and yep, that middle child is left to find their way in the family dynamic often feeling missed and unimportant . However, I’m sure you would agree that you would never hear a parent who has a middle child say that they love that child any less of have intentional neglected that child. Although this is an example of a middle child, everyone in a family situation would feel like they’ve been missed at times.


So, that is why this topic is so important to bring dialogue around. As a family, to talk about times that you have felt this way and perhaps how it can be handled next time it happens. When intentional space is created to start these types of conversations, we ensure that each family member feels valued and loved. So, as a family enjoy the conversation that flows from the questions attached.