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Heart To Heart Realationships Written By Clinical Pyscologist Francesca Finelli - Season 1

Heart  to Heart  Relationships. I’m sure many people  would agree that parenting  would have to be one of the  most wonderful yet hardest gigs  on the planet! Not only are we responsible  for keeping our kids safe and healthy, we are  also accountable for raising wholesome individuals  and give them every opportunity to flourish in life.  Quite a weight hey!? Once that beautiful baby is born,  we are essentially thrown into the deep end and faced with   the daily challenge to raise our kids the best we possibly can.  

There  are countless  different (and sometimes  conflicting) tips, approaches,   strategies and interventions circulating  out there, it can be overwhelming to choose   which advice we will take on board and apply.  Often, we learn along the way through the trial  and error approach, but self-­‐doubt soon creeps in  about whether we are doing the right thing! Parenting  can push you to the limits you didn’t even know you had  as it is linked with our innermost feelings, instincts and insecurities.   One the one hand you can experience the most tremendous love and joy towards   your children, but also feel the heavy weight of fear and expectation.


The New Normal Written By Karra Eloff - Season 1

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. – John C Maxwell.


If you or someone you know is enduring life-altering loss, illness, injury or change, this topic is available to facilitate genuine conversation about how to turn toward your loved ones and unify your family in order to overcome the difficult season. The questions in this topic are also useful for individuals to explore, in preparation of a life-altering event. What do you value and what is your identity found in? If your job, a family member, health or talents were to be taken away, how would you respond?

Empty Nest Written By Karra Eloff - Season 2

Isn’t it amazing, the way communities gather around and support a family soon to bring a baby into the world! We arrange baby showers, send gifts and flood expectant parents with tips on how to survive the first stages of welcoming a new family member. Everybody has a shared understanding a parent’s life will change significantly with the birth of a child. 

Considering the emphasis we place on transitioning a child into a family, it’s interesting our communities don’t often provide the same support for parents who farewell a child from their family home. There comes a time when most children leave their family home (now days, sometimes more than once!) and for many parents, this transitional period in life can trigger unexpected feelings of loneliness and loss.

Building Resilient Familes Written By Clinical Pyscologist Gemma Roux - Season 2

Families today face challenges that are very different to those faced by previous generations. We live in an era marked by instability, breakdown of traditional family structures, and chronic busyness. Many parents work extended hours and carry work pressures home, and our children juggle demanding schedules and their own academic workload. Our children are also growing and developing against a backdrop of burgeoning technology and frequent social media use, early sexualization, drug and alcohol abuse, and compromised privacy and boundaries. Statistics reveal that our children are frequently sleep deprived, and are often feeling anxious and insecure at school and at home. Often times it may feel like we are fighting hard to protect the wellbeing of our children and ourselves in the face of a rising tide of pressure and societal change. Building a resilient family has become more difficult, and yet more important than ever. Every family faces its own unique challenges, whether it be navigating family breakdown, co-parenting, disability or financial stress, but the skills needed to face the challenges this world presents remain fairly constant. We can not turn back the tide and change the circumstances that our children, and our families, will face, but we can equip them with some knowledge and tools that will empower them to handle the unique challenge they face with resilience.


There is room for us all

This topic is all about creating a conversation that allows freedom to talk about where we fit in the family and how we may feel about it. Family certainly brings out all types of personalities, each with unique perspective and individuality. So, how do we ensure that we craft relationships with each other and embrace our uniqueness and build the best relationships we can??

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"Our Chief Want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be"

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

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