Welcome to Be That Conversations

May 20, 2018

Interviews with Women sharing their personal journeys to finding freedom within themselves. Our hope is that these interviews also open up the lens for you to walk in truth. 

Episode 4 - Lisa Bruton

Lisa Bruton is the founder of Arise Sanctuary, luxury women’s retreats. She lives on the Sunshine Coast with her Husband and two daughters.  In this conversation Lisa shares about

+ how she lives in faith

+ time spent in India and creating an orphanage

+ how God placed Arise Sanctuary on her heart

+ taking time to herself through massive life challenges and navigating grief and family struggle

+ honouring your spirit and feeling worthy of loving on yourself

Episode 3 - Leanne Clack

June 10, 2018

Leanne is a Mum, Social Media Marketer and Coach. In this conversation Leanne talks about...

+ growing up in the UK with a single Mum

+ moving her family (3 kids) from the UK to Australia

+ creating 'Oh The Wonder'

+ reestablishing herself after feeling empty, frustrated and lost

+ being proud of your story and living a life you deserve

Episode 1 - Jo Bouris

May 20, 2018

Jo is a wife and Mum to 3 kids, host of Be That Woman TV and is co-host of breakfast radio at Salt 106.5 on the Sunshine Coast. In this conversation, Jo discusses...
+ Juggling her career and family life 

+ Giving back locally and globally, including volunteer work with Destiny Rescue and Mercy Ships. 
+ Her private struggle with anxiety, and how she overcame intense panic attacks. 


Episode 2 - Linda Pesavento

May 20, 2018

Linda is the founder and editor of The She Is Project. In this conversation, Linda talks about

+ growing up in the country and the impact of her father suffering mental illness

+ the power in sharing our story

+ how we can honour other people with the art of listening

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