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Communicating In Love - Written By Clinical Psycologist Francesca Finelli - Season 1

When we vow to love and to honour our future spouse, we are making the choice to be in a relationship that is governed by love. We are publicly vowing that we love, admire and respect our partner above everyone else. We agree to this commitment on the premise that our inherent need to be loved will always be met ‘until death do us part.’ After the first few years of the ‘in love’ or ‘honeymoon’ period has subsided, couples are faced with the reality of what real love involves practically. What may have started out as a mutually respectful, romantic relationship can sometimes fade into familiarity which then introduces a slippery slope of boundary crossing and decline in loving communication. This return from cloud nine can often be mistaken as ‘falling out of love.’ But this is where the most fulfilling real love begins! Love is better understood as choice rather than a fleeting emotional state that takes commitment, effort and often a lot of compromise. It stretches us to look beyond our own insecurities/vulnerabilities and perceptions and love our partner selflessly and unconditionally.

The Value of Time of Space - Written By Clinical Psychologist Lize Andrews

In a time where 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce, it is important to consider ingredients that result in healthier and stronger marriages.


If you are in a marriage, and your expectations of that relationship do not match your husband or wife’s expectations of the relationship, this results in marital dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately, couples tend to find out each other’s expectations during arguments. It is important that couples openly share their vision and expectations for their marriage or a regular basis. We cannot simply expect that we all value the same things in a marriage at the same time. One important example of an expectation in a relationship involves the amount of time spent together and the amount of time spent apart

Cultivating Intimacy and Vulnerability - Written By Clinical Psychologist, Gemma Roux -Season 2

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


There is something wonderful about observing synergy in action- two birds in organized flight, two dancers in unison, two lovers intertwined; each is beautiful and valuable in their own right, but when when working together in harmony, they become something to behold. It is remarkable that when we add one thing to another, we end up with something far more than just the sum of different parts. Indeed, when we connect two objects, a new system emerges. That system somehow holds new properties and a capacity that simply did not exist in the objects that formed the system. Synergy- oh the wonder!


When is enough, enough? - Written By Clinical Psychologist, Fran Finelli -Season 2

d"Recent studies have shown that Australia is in the top ten highest income earning countries in the world and the living conditions are among the best in the world. However, Australia is also reported to have some of the highest personal debt levels globally, and is one of the most depressed and anxious countries in the world. Could these be correlated? The more we have, the less satisfied we are and the more we seem to want. Could this be a result of our marketing saturated and increasingly materialistic culture which influences how we view happiness and satisfaction in life? If we are truly honest with ourselves, there always seems to be something we are striving for and in want of, keeping us in a neverending cycle of discontent, deferring our happiness to when we obtain this or that, so to speak. When will enough be enough? This topic explores the challenge of learning to be content and grateful in the midst of what society tells us will offer fulfilment and also reminds us to maintain a healthy perspective in comparison to how majority of the world live. "


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"Our Chief Want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be"

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

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