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I am Provider Written By Abe Andrews - Season 1

Being a provider can be taxing on a person. Especially when you are often giving and thinking of others. When I was a kid, my siblings and I used to climb up this beautiful, big fig tree. This tree provided us with plenty of good times. It was our playground and fort, it provided shade, it was a home to many animals and provided them with food. Although this tree ‘gave’ a lot, it could not survive if it didn’t receive adequate sunlight, water and minerals from the soil. In the same way, we need to nurture ourselves if we want to be effective and healthy providers in the long term.  This means you need to be able to identify when you yourself are in need of some provision and nurturance. You need to allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for support. The most effective mentors I have in my life, also have mentors or counsellors they go to for support on a regular basis. Many men I have spoken to have shared with me that being vulnerable in this way seems to them like weakness. The well-known research professor, Dr Brene Brown, researched this very topic. She delivered a powerful TED talk about the power of vulnerability. In her popular book named The Power of Vulnerability, Dr Brown stated that vulnerability is actually our most accurate measure of courage from which great qualities are birthed!

Rite Of Passage Written By Abe Andrews - Season 1

The heart of this topic to explore thelack of this process in our western culture and the effects it is
having on our Men and their abilities for healthy relationships.  A
rite of passage is generally defined as a ceremony of the passage
which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. It
involves a significant change of status in society. Rites of passage
date back through the ages and occurs in cultures around the world.
Rites of passage make use of intentional rituals or teachings designed
to strip individuals from their original roles and prepare them for
their new roles.  The aim is to develop wisdom, strong character and
encourage a mature masculine spirit within boys. By overcoming various
challenges, initiates return to their tribes or communities with
skills and inner resources needed in their communities. 

Healthy Emotions Written By Clinical Pyscologist Francesca Finelli - Season 1

When the topic of men’s emotional and mental health is brought up, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you notice any expectations or unfair standards? Or do you fully embrace and encourage the expression of male emotion?

Historically, people have been conditioned to believe that men should be the strong protector and provider for the family. Growing up, males are often not encouraged to express their feelings as much as females and are taught the idea that it’s not masculine to discuss insecurities and especially cry in front of others! They are told things like “man up” and expected to push aside any issues to maintain the macho image. Most of the time, the accusers are men themselves which has created a culture in which men expect other men to appear tough and ultimately promotes fear of judgement amongst men. As a result, they learn that showing any kind of vulnerability and transparency is a sign of personal weakness. Because of this stigma they can find it harder to accept if they are struggling with a physical or psychological condition and can be reluctant to open up out of fear of being viewed as weak.

Deceptive Road to Addiction Written By Abe Andrews - Season 2

It isn’t something we plan to be. Addicted. It creeps in silently. We are usually unaware until damage has been done. Those close to us tend to recognize it first and confront us about it. “Isn’t that enough beer for tonight? “Really? Another one?”. “You have been on that game all day, you should go outside and get some exercise”. “If you keep eating all those M&M’s you will turn into one”. Are these phrases not all too familiar? Although well intended, all we hear after a while are judgments, questions, and nagging. Instead of taking responsibility and changing our behavior, we tend to deny, avoid, minimize, justify or retaliate and continue blindly along a destructive path. We may have thoughts like: “I don’t have a problem”, “I deserve a reward” or “It’s just one more.” 

Do you have unhealthy habits? Have you ever been addicted to something? Few people would be able to say they have never had an unhealthy habit or been addicted to something at some point in their life. Let’s be honest. Unhealthy habits and addictions can come in many shapes, sizes and disguises. We can become addicted to gaming, shopping, social media, drugs and alcohol, medication, caffeine, our mobile phones, and chocolate to name a few.

Letting Go Written By Abe Andrews - Season 2

\In life we constantly face problems and adversities that are out of our control. It is important that we know when to surrender and let go. This is not something that comes easily, and for many of us it does not come naturally. It is human nature to want control. It gives us a false sense of security. So we fight or hold on for dear life to whatever it is. Instead, learning to surrender completely is quite a vulnerable action. It leads us to a place where we realise that it is ok to let go. We can’t always be Mr. Fix It.

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"Our Chief Want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be"

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

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