What are Be That Woman Gatherings?

Be That Woman is about gathering Women. It is all about ​facilitating environments that encourages connection and conversation. We want to see women connect with different generations, perspectives, experiences and glean and learn from each other. Be That craft topics that are discussed during a Be That Woman gathering. We love giving you the opportunity to delve in deeper to lifes ups and downs, but we sometimes don't know how to open up those conversations, this is what Be That Woman is  for those passionate about gathering like minded women together. Be That is also about making a collective difference in the world, so our Be That Woman Gatherings give back to organisations supported in our Be That Change initiatives and 10 % the purchase will goes towards your chosen organisation. 


How Often Can They Run?

We encourage gatherings to run at least once a month, but hosts have control of these details based on topic purchases. We release a new topic once a month.  

How much is required from me attending a Be That Woman?

Be That Woman was created with busy women in mind. There is no additional requirements outside of the gatherings and the content is all designed to be discussed during the get together. The accompanying questions sheet, however, is a great guide for remembering the conversations and note taking. And of course the bigger gatherings are a great way to develop new connections and nurture new friendships.

How much is Be That Woman?

The only charge involved with Be That Woman is the cost of purchasing the topic or free to attend if you join in an already created gathering listed on our directory (however, you could split this cost among attendees). We believe in the collective efforts of our lives coming together and making a difference in the world, so through our Be That Change initative you will be able to choose a charity organisation to support and Be That will donate 10% of the topic purchased to that organisation.

What is included in Be That Topic Contents?

When you choose and purchase a Be That Woman Topic, you will receive an overview of the topic, a brief voice intro from the Be That Team & your topic questions.

How did Be That Start & What is the purpose?​

Listen to the heart of Be That with Founding Director Katie. 


When we get together you will learn and glean from each other in a casual and safe space, discussing topics that will grow and stretch your thinking. Our heart is to encourage you to see your value and worth through the lens of truth, because we believe that when you find freedom in this, it cultivates the ability to fight for the freedom of others.

I really want to become a Be That Woman Host but have never led anything. Can I still lead?

Yes! Our gatherings are very simple to run. Once you have chosen and purchased your topic, all the content is accessible. We developed Be That Woman with busy women in mind. If you wish we do also run online facilitator and Be That Leadership online calls once a month to glean and learn from the Be That Team and other women running Be That Woman or other Be That Together groups. 

Register a gatherings 

near you?

Want to open up a Be That Woman gathering to women in your area? When you purchase one of our topics to discuss you can invite other women from your community and we can add your catch up to our directory.

Join the growing group of women who are making a difference in their community today.

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