We aim to facilitate events and provide resources (through print, media and technology) that are designed to encourage and support people to find the person they desire to become and Be That in all spheres of life.


I am uniquely and wonderfully made with a sense of purpose for my life.

I am aware that my road is constantly changing and I am strong enough to navigate the season I am in.

I position myself to be part of my community and allow these relationships to support me and I am also a support to others.

I am intentionally aware of others, choosing compassion and empathy when it comes to the hardships that people face.

I choose to seek how I can be a positive impact to help others in any way I can.

My heart breaks at the plight and cry of so many around the world who face adversity and crisis, I ensure that I keep myself aware of the injustices of this world so that I can be a voice to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.

I understand that as I carry the Be That mandate I also carry the responsibility to reflect kindness, compassion, inspiration and empowerment.

May I truly find and live in freedom within myself and then use that to fight for the freedom of others.


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