Every Girl is special and unique...a treasure!

Our heart is to create a foundation of self worth, strength and purpose in our girls so they can be all they dream of being.

Here at Be That, we believe that speaking value and worth into young girls sets a foundation of courage and resilience, equipping them to confidently navigate the different seasons of life they will encounter throughout their teens and early adulthood.

Our Petites workshops are designed to partner with you in developing important core values and mindsets during your little girls’ foundational years. We aim to create a space for girls to envisage the type of little girl they want to be and how they can Be That. We teach them that when we have the freedom to be who we’ve been created to be that it helps bring out the best in other areas of life including their relationships with their Mum, Dad, siblings, friends and teachers. 

Be That Girl Petites is a workshop developed for girls aged between 6 and 10 years old, it consists of unique age appropriate activities that will encourage the girls to think about confidence, value and worth focused concepts in an environment that brings fun, friendship and conversation amongst other petites.