Every girl is special and unique... a treasure! Start a conversation that adds valet you and your girlfriends


What is Be That Girl?

Be That Girl is all about ​facilitating environments that encourages connection and conversation. We want to see young girls from all walks of life delve into life fulfilling conversations and we want to help give you the tools to make that happen. These topics could be facilitating in a group of teens or with a parent or trusted adult. We will often follow eating plans, workout plans,life organiser plans, so why not follow a soul filling plan with others. Be That is also passionate about making a collective difference in the world, so our Be That Together will include details on organisations we support.


How Often Can They Run?

Be That understands that life is busy and we want to compliment how you are already doing life. You can run a "Together" as much or as little as you like, it runs completely on your terms and what works within your life.

How much is required from me running a Be That Girl?

Be That Together was created with busy people in mind. There is no additional requirements outside of the catch ups and the content is all designed to be discussed during the get together. The accompanying questions sheet & topic notes, however, is a great guide for remembering the conversations and notetaking.

What if there are already Be That Girls running in my area?

Our Vision is that there would be as many Be That Togethers running as possible.

How did Be That Start & What is the purpose?​

Listen to the heart of Be That with Founding Director Katie. 

When we get together you will learn and glean from each other in a casual and safe space, discussing topics that will grow and stretch your thinking. Our heart is to encourage you to see your value and worth through the lens of truth, because we believe that when you find freedom in this, it cultivates the ability to fight for the freedom of others.

I really want to host a Be That Girl, but have never led anything and I am a teenager. Can I still lead?

Yes! Our topics are very simple to facilitate. If you can read, you can lead. We developed Be That Together with busy women in mind. If you wish we do also run online facilitator and Be That Leadership online calls once a month to glean and learn from the Be That Team and other women running Be That Woman or Be That Together groups.


When Jade's teacher recommended she attend a Be That Girl Workshop I was hopeful that it would give her some special time just for her as our family has been going through some challenges lately. Jade really didn't want to go at first as she thought it would be like a school day, she asked lots of questions and was feeling quite anxious. 

I was so impressed when I picked her up and she happily chatted about the other girls, the activities she enjoyed and said she loved it! More than that I was impressed with the connection and warmth between the girls and the leaders in such a short time. A highlight was hearing the feedback from the other girls during the parent's presentation at the end of the day. 


Jade and I would absolutely recommend this workshop for other girls. 

- Mum to 11 year old



Jen Timmins - Be That Girl National Manager

I love the way Be That Girl gives girls a space to explore who they are, who they want to be and an opportunity to connect in true conversations. All girls deserve to know their worth, value and purpose and I believe when we come together with greater purpose in this way, the possibilities are awesome and endless... and that's exciting. 

Emily Morrish

I have always had a burning desire to help and contribute to others, to something more than myself. Be That Girl is an environment for the next generation of women that are going to be impacting our world. 

I love the way Be That Girl creates a space for girls of all ages to explore more of themselves, who they want to be and this platform permits them to glow in that. Empowering strong, courageous and passionate woman for the future. 

All girls deserve to know their worth, value and purpose and I want to encourage them to truly believe that they are enough. 

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